Sri KDU Primary School is an excellent place for students from diverse backgrounds to grow educationally and emotionally, as our subject curriculum and co-curricular activities have been designed to promote a balanced development of each child.

This objective can be achieved through five focus areas that comprise:

Character Building

R-I-P-P-L-E-S Start Your Ripples of Change is Sri KDU® Primary School’s home grown leadership-building programme. It is aimed at cultivating leadership values amongst students, as well as teachers, to be more successful in their lives and to achieve an effective culture within the school community and beyond. 



Interactive Learning

The School is committed to its mission of developing independent learners, guiding and preparing students for responsible decision making in their careers by moving towards 'student-centred learning' from the current 'teacher-centred teaching'

International Perspectives

Teachers would guide students to view issues from global perspectives, where applicable, via:

Comparative approach to global themes;
Awareness of world events.

Pastoral Care

The School believes that students grow and respond better when they know and see that they are being cared for.

Structured Performing Arts

The Structured Performing Arts (SPA) programme is part of the curriculum for students from Primary One until Primary Six levels. It encompasses four key areas:

Speech & drama;
Choral singing;
Musical instruments.

Classes are conducted by instructors from established performing arts schools and studios. The curriculum is non-graded and has the flexibility of catering to students with different abilities. The focus of the SPA programme is on exposure and appreciation, rather than specialization.