Private and International Schools are great platforms for your children to harness their creativity and develop their critical thinking skills. They offer a myriad of activities that encourages the students to do just that.

Here are a few examples of what programmes, activities and learning systems that are offered by Private and International schools.

Project-Based Learning

Project-Based learning helps stimulate the learning environment in the classroom, invigorates the curriculum with real-world application and lights the children’ desire to explore, examine and comprehend their world. While they strive to complete the projects, children inevitably build research, organisational skills and gain better communication with peers and adults.

Sri KDU Schools adopt this learning system in order to educate their students. They believe that this is the most effective way of promoting creativity and critical thinking among the students.

Creative Classes and Workshops/Seminars

Lessons like Art classes, Bush Craft, Cartoon Character Drawing, Chinese Calligraphy, Creative Writing or Poetry, Culinary, and Stop Motion classes can also be used to foster creativity in students. Classes like these encourage their curiosity and allow them to express their artistic abilities. These lessons are available in Sri KDU Schools.

Seminars and workshops that talk about personal development, study aids and special skills can help instil these values in students. Awareness seminars can also bring to light subjects that the children were not initially aware of.

School Plays and Productions

School Plays and Productions provides children with a platform for them to express their dramatic, artistic and singing prowess. It helps them overcome their shyness and this is very useful when they come out to the working world which requires them to network.

Sekolah Sri KDU has a structured performing arts programme which helps to cultivate an appreciation for performing arts within the students while developing confidence and self-presentation skills. It includes key areas like musical theatre, dance, vocals and musical instruments. These classes are conducted by teachers from established performing arts studios with vast experience.

Sri KDU Schools organise plays and productions annually for their students to have fun and express their performing talents. Students and teachers spent months practising and perfecting their roles in order to deliver impeccable performances for parents and audiences. Plays that were organised include famous stories like Bugsy Malone (2016) and Mary Poppins (2018).

Educational Field Trips

Field Trips helps to strengthen student’s learning by allowing them the opportunity to participate in curriculum-like activities that go beyond the confines of the school walls. It adds another dimension to the learning process as well as maximises the children’s learning experience.

Students of Sri KDU Schools go for at least one educational trip annually which includes pre-trip research and discussion of the area the children will be visiting. Task sheets will then be handed out during the trip and post-trip, students will be required to hand in reports and give presentations on what they have learnt. The trips are all relevant to the subject topics that are covered in their syllabus.

We have organised trips to Kota Damansara Community Forest, The National Planetarium and Science Museum, Farm in the City, Petrosains KLCC, Batu Caves and Kidzania to name a few.

For Sri KDU International School Year 6 students, they have a chance to go on a 3-day residential experience within the country! By spending a short period of time away from their parents, the children will be able to foster independence, better confidence and social skills by undergoing challenges that help build teamwork.


Outdoor camps can bring out leadership skills within children through outdoor activities. It can teach them proper living and survival skills in order for them to take care of themselves. They can cooperate with their peers in which students can enjoy contextual and experiential learning. Through participation in expeditions, children can learn the importance of mental strength in the face of physical challenges which is an integral part of personal development. Students will also be more stimulated to learn as going on a camping trip is allowing them to have a sense of adventure. As they take part in recreational and physical activities, the children will develop a sense of belonging and community as well as interpersonal skills. Sri KDU Schools regularly organise camping trips such as expeditions, educational camps, residential trips and many more.

Cultural Exchange and Summer Programmes

Culture is a vital part of life and helps shape attitudes, beliefs and customs that differentiate one group of people from the other. Culture is exchanged from one generation to the next by the use of languages, rituals, material objects, art and institutions.

Through cultural exchange and summer programmes, children will be able to engage themselves with another culture and learn about them by experiencing interactive activities with students of different nationalities.

The children will also learn to exchange Malaysian cultural practices, understanding, differences and similarities with their counterparts. Participants also get to attend school and experience life via visits and cultural activities in the country of visit.

Sri KDU International School believe that the younger generation should be taught to learn and respect the culture and beliefs of others. Their students have the opportunity to participate in international forums, conferences and competitions. To date, they have been to France, China, Thailand and Korea.

It is without a doubt that Private and International School students are exposed to a lot of things globally. They will have a chance to grow their creative and critical thinking skills exponentially to be better prepared in the future when they come out to the working world. Sri KDU Schools are just one of the exemplary schools that offer such an opportunity to their students. Be sure to find out more and enrol your child soon for a bright future! Visit us at