The world is advancing faster than ever. We are now living in a constantly changing society that is becoming ever more complex, globalised and diversified. Artificial intelligence (AI) will soon replace a large majority of jobs in the near future and the workforce of tomorrow will soon find themselves competing for jobs with technology.

Therefore, it is imperative that the students of today be active and continuously learn to be part of the change. They need to master diversity and learn how to cooperate with others, in order to open their thinking to the versatility and innovation, which trickles down from international and intercultural experiences.

Every educational establishment has its own benefits and specialities. However, an education from international school provides your children (the leaders of tomorrow), with the know-how and skills necessary to become a dynamic part of this ever-changing society of different natures and cultures. This will propel them into a smooth and successful transition from schooling to working life.

So what are the major benefits that international school has to offer for your child?

Exposure to Different Cultures

First and foremost, international school children will gain an understanding of internationalism, be able to keep up with worldly news and have the chance to enjoy international experiences. International schools instil in their students a sense of appreciation for world culture, in which they will experience a myriad of people and cultures. The benefit the children will gain which stems from these cultural experiences are is that they will learn how to cooperate with different people from multiple backgrounds. This will help stimulate open-mindedness in them and quells prejudices within them for other ethnicities as they grow up.

Furthermore, international school students usually will be thought by teachers and peers from other foreign countries. This will automatically allow the students to experience unique cultures firsthand. The teaching structure expands horizons for research and out of the box thinking, thus improving the mindset and thought processes of children. International school students will be able to acquire confidence and the acumen to deal with people and other cultures in the future.

Chinese billionaire Jack Ma, who learnt English by cycling to an international hotel in his province of Hangzhou, China and offered to be a free guide to the foreign tourists who lived there, in exchange for a chance to converse with them in English, said that, “Interacting and making friends with people from other countries was a game changer for me. The things that they told me was so different from the things that were told to me by my family or taught at my local school. It opened my mind to a world of possibilities!.”

Personality Growth

Children who graduate from international school tend to develop more emotional maturity due to their exposure to so many cultures globally. They will also be able to make lifelong friends with other children from different parts of the world. This will inevitably give them a wide network which spans the globe once they grow up and become working adults.

They will also need to work with the day-to-day challenges of language barriers and learn how to live independently. By overcoming these challenges, the children will develop a better sense of confidence and maturity.

International schools would also offer extracurricular activities that are based on their syllabus overseas as well as international programmes that can expand the children’s horizons. These are great platforms for your child to be exposed more to the world and will allow them to discover and develop new skills. For example, the children can stir their creative juices by participating in activities like debate teams, forum exchanges and math leagues. This would also help foster their critical thinking skills and help them gain confidence in newfound talents.

Better Career Opportunities

As mentioned prior, businesses nowadays operate on an international scale. Multinational companies would tend to favour people who have experience dealing with other cultures. International school students also tend to learn more than one language and be multilingual, which would be an added bonus, as they are able to effectively carry out global business tasks better.

It is without a doubt that an international education would open up countless possibilities for the development of your child. Every parent’s hope is that their offspring would be able to not only take care of themselves but also be equipped enough to take on the entire world and become capable people in their own right. International school can certainly open many doors, and we at Sri KDU International School are dedicated to doing just that for your child. Contact us now to find out more about what we have to offer by clicking here!