SKIS Fun Run for a Healthy and Charitable Cause
In conjunction with the Healthy Lifestyle Week, Sri KDU International School (SKIS) organised their third annual Fun Run last month. We had our students and teachers from all levels take part in the event.
Sri KDU International Secondary School (SKISS) and Sri KDU International Primary School (SKIPS) ran for their own respective charity organisations. This year, the two charity bodies that SKISS was running for were PAWS and United Voice. The students wore their physical education (PE) t-shirts and were also given an opportunity to be dressed up as animals, in conjunction with the animal theme, to match one of the supported charities: PAWS.
SKIPS students were also invited to be dressed up as animals to match the SKISS theme. All proceeds raised by SKIPS will go towards the fundraising total for their new Family for the Year 2019: The Shepherd’s Centre. The family for the year is a charity body that is chosen from a range of charity bodies and all activities and funds will go towards this particular organisation for the entire year.
Parents taking part in the Fun Run
The Fun Run was a huge success, promoting a strong sense of community as all students from Year 1 to Year 13 participated. Apart from that, the event also sparked a triumph of togetherness with the encouragement and support given by parents who attended. Part of the enjoyment for students came from the comprehension that whilst having fun, they were also raising funds for a memorable and great cause.
SKIS would like to express our gratitude to Mr Richardson from SKISS, Mrs Fawcett from SKIPS, as well as the students of the Fun Run Committee for organising such a successful event. Besides that, we would also like to convey our greatest appreciation to all the students for their commitment and participation. We look forward to the next Fun Run!