MyGameDev Tabletop 2017 Battle Royale

Two teams from Sri KDU Secondary School took part in the MyGameDev Tabletop 2017 Battle Royale held at KDU University College.

Team PENGWENGS (Secondary 5)

1. Azra Meliha

2. Natasha Wong Jean

3. Wang Weng Hua

4. Maxine Yap

Team DICE (Secondary 4)

1. Jennifer Woo Kai Ru

2. Kua Pei Wen

3. Ho Way Yi

4. Ng Shi Qing

Tabletop 2017 is a 2-day board game creation competition that pits students aged 16 to 17 from different schools against each other to develop the most interesting tabletop game in a limited amount of time. This year’s theme was “GHOST” and students were provided a whole selection of knick-knacks to create playing pieces, spinners, boards, or even cards for use in their game.

Out of 22 school teams that participated, both our teams made it to the top 10 and qualified for the final round. In the final round, the teams presented their tabletop games to a panel of judges who assessed the game based on its fun factor, appeal, flow, theme and clarity.

In Malaysia’s first tabletop game development competition series, Team DICE emerged as the 2nd runner-up while Team PENGWENGS received a consolation prize and a special mention from the judges.