Sri KDU Secondary School’s athletes selected to represent Selangor at MSSM
Sri KDU Secondary School placed 3rd at the MSSD Track and Field competition and six of our students were selected to represent the Petaling Utama District at the MSSS level. 
With high spirits and energy, these six students gave their best and their contributions placed the Petaling Utama District 3rd amongst 10 districts. The achievements are as follows:
Lim Ting Kit – 2 Silver medals
Low Yeu-Chern – 1 Bronze medal
We are elated that both the boys’ outstanding achievements received due recognition, and resulted in Lim Ting Kit being selected to represent Selangor at the MSSM level while Low Yeu-Chern was selected for Karnival Bakat Pelapis Siri 1/2017.
Well done!