Sporting Achievements in MSSD/S/M
Sporting Achievements in MSSD/S/M
Artistic Gymnastics
Throughout the course of 2015, Helena Low Weng Yan of Year 8 Delta has excelled in Artistic Gymnastics and she continues to do so this year. In the MSSS Under-15 competition held on 2nd February 2016 in Tanjung Karang, Kuala Selangor, she obtained the following results:
Vault – 3rd place;
Floor exercise – 2nd place;
Uneven bars – 6th place;
Balance beam – 7th place;
Overall team – 2nd place.
Helena took home the Silver for overall team performance. Despite some injury setback during training and being unable to represent Selangor in the MSSM, she did her level best and managed to finish seventh place in the overall individual category. We at SKIS are very happy and proud of her abilities and talents. She is an inspiration and role model to her schoolmates and friends.
Congratulations and best of luck for your next competition.
Rhythmic Gymnastics
My praise also goes to Cheam Hay Lee of Year 8 Rho who performed well at the MSSS Rhythmic Gymnastics championships which was held on Wednesday 24th February 2016 at SJKC Kampong Baru Semenyih, Kajang, Selangor. She finished in 8th position as Individual Overall in the Under-15 Junior category, alongside the full-time Malaysian national team and Selangor state gymnasts. Despite the stiff competition and only training part-time, Hay Lee managed to clinch 5th place for Clubs discipline, 5th for Hoop, 8th for Rope and 10th for Ball.
I am pleased to inform that the SKIS Handball team performed well in the MSSD tournament during 1st-4th February 2016, reaching 3rd place and qualifying for the quarter final in the Under-12 Girls and Under-18 Girls categories respectively. Four of our students have progressed further to the MSSS Games as follows:
Azsvina Ragunathan, 10 Delta;
Ashley Rowen Ng, 10 Gamma;
Teh Unn Heann, 10 Kappa;
Sofia Zahyra Landis, 7 Gamma.
Congratulations and well done to our Handball team members.
Over in MSSD Chess, Ho Li-Enn of Year 9 Rho won all three games on the first day of competition on Wednesday 24th February. The following day, she successfully secured one of the top four places and will move on to represent the Petaling Utama district in the state level MSSS competition. Being ranked fourth place out of 41 competitors in the Girls Under-15 category, she tied with the second and third winners with five wins out of six matches. We are delighted about your achievement. Congratulations Li-Enn.
I also commend Year 7 Delta pupil Rohan Shan Tze Navaratnam who won five out of his six games and finished in the top 10 for boys in his age category. There were a total of 107 participants, so a top ten finish is fantastic. Rohan may have a chance to qualify for the district team if a play-off is organized next week.
Mrs Rafee