Athletics MSSD 2016
Athletics MSSD 2016
Our Athletics team has performed well and shone brightly at the MSSD games held during 7th - 11th of March 2016. A total of 43 students were involved and SKIS placed 4th over 35 schools that participated at the Petaling Utama District level. Congratulations to these students who have made the school proud:
Helena Low Weng Yan, 8 Delta:
Gold (100 Metres Sprint; 200 Metres Sprint; Long Jump)
Azsvina Ragunathan, 10 Delta:
Silver (100 Metres Sprint; 400 Metres Hurdles)
Lee Chee Hong, 10 Lambda:
Silver (Shot Put)
Tan Ju Wen Jevan, 10 Sigma:
Silver (Long Jump)
Tung Jiawei, 10 Kappa:
Bronze (Discus)
In the group category, the girls came up third in the following Relay events:
Under-15 Girls 4x400 Metres Relay: Bronze
Under-18 Girls 4x100 Metres Relay: Bronze
Helena Low and Azsvina Ragunathan have been selected to participate in the MSSS Athletics competition. Good luck and all the best!