Malaysian Debaters’ High School Open 2016
Malaysian Debaters’ High School Open 2016
Please note that the four teams from both SKIS and Sri KDU Secondary which took part in last weekend’s national debating competition at the KDU University College campus at Damansara Jaya did extremely well against national teams and highly competitive teams from all over Malaysia including other international schools such as TISKL, Nexus International, KTJ and elite Malaysian boarding schools including MCKK and TKC. Range of topics debated included current hot topics such as the Middle East crisis, US Presidential race and economic and social disparity. The teams were well prepared by their highly dedicated coach Ms Keana. I am pleased to highlight the following:
Speakers’ ranking
All SKIS debaters came in top 50 speakers out of 144 speakers, namely Cheam Tung Shaun and Ji Fang Qing (both Year 10 Gamma) were tied at 18th place, Lum Tjun Yi (Year 9 Kappa) at 30th place, Kelly Pua (Year 9 Kappa) at 35th place and Ilyas Aqil bin Shahril Ridza (Year 8 Delta) at 49th place.
Team success
Shaun’s team (SRI KDU WHIPPING WILLOW) and Ilyas’ team (SRI KDU DEAD SIRIUS) made it to the semi-finals, a highly commendable effort against national teams especially in Ilyas’ debut competition. Fang Qing’s team (SRI KDU MISCHIEF MANAGED) and Tjun Yi’s and Kelly’s team (SRI KDU SLAYVENCLAW) made it to the quarter-finals.
The competition was also attended by Year 10 students Michael Kim and Ng Jun Tim and Year 8 pupil Lum Tjun Mun, as apprentice judges where they learnt a lot in their first foray into the competitive debating world.
Mrs Rafee