Helena pole vaults her way to MSSM 2018!
Representing Selangor, Sri KDU International School’s Helena Low Weng Yan achieved fourth place in the MSSM Pole Vault competition. Her results were: 
1st place: 3.00 metres – Kedah (National pole vaulter, 17 years old)
2nd place: 2.50 metres – Pahang
3rd place: 2.50 metres – Negeri Sembilan 
4th place: 2.40 metres – Selangor (Helena Low)
5th place: 2.20 metres – Negeri Sembilan 
Her coach Mr Mohd Manshahar Abdul Jalil, who is the National Coach (Jumps Elite) for the National Sports Council, explained that pole vaulting is the most technical event in track and field. It encompasses sprinting, jumping and gymnastics. Pole vaulters are a rarity in Malaysia; there are only 10 female pole vaulters – including Helena – and 9 male pole vaulters.
With her strong performance and being the only pole vaulter in Selangor, she has already secured her place in MSSM 2018. We are very proud to have a state athlete in the school, especially for such a challenging event. 
Congratulations Helena on your achievement!