Gold at the Beaver Computational Thinking Competition

Computational thinking is a method of problem solving using computer science techniques. The Beaver competition is all about tasks that encourage students to think creatively and critically to solve problems using concepts from computational thinking.

The Beaver Computational Thinking Competition is part of the international Bebras initiative to introduce Computational Thinking to school students. Bebras (which means “Beaver” in the Lithuanian language) has been held in more than 36 countries across the globe for more than 10 years. This is the 3rd Beaver competition held in Malaysia and it attracted more than 5000 students nationwide.

There are 5 categories for students of age 6-19 and approximately 1% of the participants are GOLD Medallists. Koh Kee Leong of Sri KDU Secondary School managed to attain a Gold medal for the Student Category. It was a commendable feat indeed!