Sisters Made Malaysia Proud at the Xizi Cup
Sri KDU Primary School’s Sophia Fadly (Primary 4) and Nadia Fadly (Primary 3) both took part in the 3rd Xizi Cup in Hangzhou, China. This international rhythmic gymnastics competition was joined by gymnasts from nations all over Asia such as Malaysia, China, South Korea and Japan. 
Sophia and Nadia were both part of Team Malaysia and have worked hard to achieve these results: 
Sophia Fadly 
• 2nd in Group – 5 Hoop 
• 5th in Group – All Round 
• 5th in Group – Rope 
• 6th in Group – Ball 
Nadia Fadly 
• 2nd in Group – All Round 
• 3rd in Group – 5 Ball
• 3rd in Group – Gala
• 5th in Group – Ball 
Keep up the good work!