Spectacular FOBISIA Debut!
On 2nd of November 2017, the U15 FOBISIA squad returned from Phuket, Thailand where they had been competing in the FOBISIA games. This was the first time students from Sri KDU International School had participated in the FOBISIA games which sees top International Schools from around Asia competing in a series of sports over a period of 4 days.
We are absolutely delighted to announce that the tour was incredibly successful with some outstanding team and individual performances. The competition was divided into 4 sporting categories and SKIS finished in the top 3 in each event, which is truly incredible as this was our first time participating in the games. We are especially pleased to announce that we came first in the Athletics competition. There were 6 schools competing and many of them had had previous experience within FOBISIA so it was encouraging that we were able to perform so well against these established FOBISIA schools.
In total, SKIS students won an amazing 125 medals. Nigel and Natalia were exceptional in the pool, Elvan, Xin Wei, Helena amongst others performed superbly in the Athletics and Ting Jie, Si En, Sofia, Zoe Tan were the outstanding performers in Football and Basketball. However, all students played their part in what was a true team effort. The students represented themselves, their families, the school and the country extremely well throughout and deserve a huge amount of praise for their efforts.
Here is the breakdown of the medals and trophies won:
Swimming – 3rd
Athletics – 1st
Boys Football – 2nd
Girls Football – 2nd
Boys Basketball – 2nd
Girls Basketball – 3rd
Swimming – 27 medals
Athletics – 46 medals
Football – 26 medals
Basketball – 26 medals
Kudos to all!