Awards & Recognition
Principal’s Award  
Sri KDU Primary School Principal’s Award is presented to the student who has shown personal growth and has either maintained good academic grades or has shown marked improvement in his/her academic grades. There were 5 finalists for this prestigious award and 11-year-old, Irdeena Binti Asmawi was the recipient of the 2017 Principal’s Award. 
Irdeena has demonstrated a great level of improvement in her studies over the past couple of years as her persistence in achieving excellence finally paid off. She is an active golfer and attributes her academic success to her teachers’ and parents’ patience and constant encouragement. This young lass aspires to be a marine biologist in the future. Bravo, Irdeena on winning this award and all the best to you in this year’s UPSR! 
CEO’s Award  
Sri KDU Primary School CEO’s Award recognises the student with the most distinguished record in co-curricular and/or extra co-curricular achievements at the district, state, national and/or international platforms. There were five finalists this year, and 11-year-old Sharanya a/p Kabilan and 10-year-old Christabelle Choa Mae Sie were both adjudged joint winners. 
Sharanya Kabilan is very disciplined, target oriented and self-motivated when it comes to her goals. She was the school’s Head Prefect for the 2017/2018 term. Despite many challenges and obstacles, Sharanya battled her way to ultimate success in the badminton arena. An avid badminton player from a tender age, Sharanya overcame the odds to become this year’s MSSS Under-12 Singles Champion and is currently undergoing centralised training for MSSM. She has set her heart on representing Malaysia in badminton in the international arena one day. 
Christabelle Choa is no stranger to the world of performing arts and sports. Juggling her time between her duties as a school prefect and studies, Christabelle has participated in various rhythmic gymnastics competitions locally and abroad. She was recently selected to be part of the Selangor’s MSSS rhythmic gymnastics team and is presently undergoing training for MSSM. Besides rhythmic gymnastics, she plays several musical instruments and is also into tap and contemporary dance. Christabelle aspires to be a lawyer and a performing arts teacher. 
Congratulations and well done, Christabelle and Sharanya! 
Chairman’s Award 
The prestigious Chairman’s Award recognises the student who has effective leadership and significant involvement in school along with outstanding accomplishments and contributions to the school and community. The recipient must also have shown excellence in academic, sports and co-curricular activities. The recipient of the 2017 Chairman’s Award is 12-year-old Daryl Lee Jia Sheng.  
Daryl Lee is an accomplished swimmer who has adeptly juggled between his studies and swimming. Daryl, who scored 5As in the 2017 UPSR examinations, started swimming competitively since he was nine years old. He trains daily for two hours and even more before any competitions.  
Daryl has participated in many swim meets and has perfected his swimming techniques along the way. His most recent success was at MSSD level, winning bronze in the boys’ under-12 200m freestyle event. His feat earned him a place with the Selangor MSSS team. Citing his parents as his inspiration, Daryl who is also an avid chess player wishes to be an Olympian one day. We are sure Daryl will continue to achieve greater heights in competitive swimming with this recognition from the school. Congratulations and well done, Daryl!