Christabelle, Our Rising Gymnast
Sri KDU Primary School’s Christabelle Choa Mae-Sie is an up-and-coming gymnast. She recently took part in 4 separate events and secured commendable placings for each event. All the time and effort she has put into training and practising has definitely paid off. 
Here are Christabelle’s achievements: 
MSSS Gimrama Grade 2
Ball – Champion
Individual all-around – 1st runner-up
Team Event – 1st runner-up
Rope – 4th place
Clubs – 4th place
Karnival Bakat Pelapis Negeri Siri 1 
Team Event – Silver
Freehand – 4th place
Hoop – 4th place
Kejohanan Gimrama Sirkit Selangor- Prejunior U11
Hoop – 3rd place
Clubs – 5th place
Individual all-around – 5th place
Kejohanan Gimrama Sirkit Kebangsaan
Team Event – Champion
Well done Christabelle and we wish you success in your future events!