A Series of Taekwondo Winnings for Jasmine
Sri KDU Secondary School’s Jasmine Lim Smith of Secondary 4 has been a busy fighter indeed. She took part in three separate competitions recently and has returned with a medal for each. 
She took part in the 3rd Nilai University Invitational Championship which was held on 30th June 2018. Jasmine was in the Welterweight Division for females aged 15 to 17. Despite facing a much stronger and experienced fighter (SUKMA fighter) in the semi-finals, she managed to win herself a Bronze Medal. 
Jasmine was also chosen to represent the Petaling Utama district at the MSSS Taekwondo Tournament which was held at the Panasonic Stadium, Shah Alam, based on her outstanding performance at MSSD level. She took on a far more superior opponent – the Gold Medalist from SUKSES Games, and managed to attain the Bronze medal upon reaching semi-finals. 
Just last weekend, Jasmine took part in the 2018 KTK Kwon Taekwondo Open which was held in Bangkok, Thailand. 1500 participants from 10 countries took part in the Taekwondo Championships Circuit. Our taekwondo athlete, Jasmine was the Silver medallist in this tournament. 
What a series of winnings. Congratulations to Jasmine for her determination and bravery!