International Singapore Mathematics Competition 2018
With great pleasure, Sri KDU Primary School is proud to present our students who have achieved excellent results in the International Singapore Mathematics Competition (ISMC) 2018. We have 6 Gold winners, 4 Silver winners and 12 Bronze winners!
The Gold winners are those who are in the top 5% from the overall global results. Silver winners are the next top 10% and Bronze winners are the subsequent 15%. We are also proud to share that the Gold winners have achieved the following global ranking: 
Grade 2 Category
Tan Kai Ler – 10
Ng Kai Wen – 14
Lee Jun Jie – 36 
Brighton Lau – 47
Grade 3 Category 
Ryan Kua – 13
Lau Kayson – 28
We are very proud of all our students who displayed their bravery and participated regardless of their young age.
Well done!