University of St Andrews Mathematics Challenge
Sri KDU Secondary School is proud to announce that our four exceptional students have achieved the gold and bronze awards in the University of St Andrews Mathematics Challenge. Over 2000 students across Malaysia participated in this challenge and our school emerged with the highest number of students who managed to obtain the top achiever awards.
This Mathematics Challenge highlighted the importance of Mathematics as a foundation for universities, as well as securing the mathematics skills of the students. Two representatives from the University of St Andrews, Scotland were sent to Malaysia to present these awards. Kudos to all!
The list of winners are as below: 
Junior Category:
Thin Qi Hom (S3) - Bronze
Yap Wing Joo (S3) - Bronze
Pua E Rick (S3) - Gold
Senior Category:
Muhamad Irfan Bin Muhamad Syahil (S5) - Bronze
Junior Category
Senior Category