Sri KDU Secondary School’s Annual Sports 2019 Promotes an Unforgettable Experience
Sri KDU Secondary School celebrated their Annual Sports, the first sporting event of the year, on the 22nd of February. This sports event was successfully held despite the scorching weather conditions. Encompassing energetic and amazing moves, the March Past, Cheer Squad and Cheerleading team presented the audience with remarkable performances, giving them a sports event to be remembered. Our students started to prepare for this remarkable event as early as the first week of school.
This year’s sports day was different than the years before as we provided recognition for all the athletes from the four houses by having them participate in the parade during the opening ceremony. Besides that, for the opening ceremony this time around, the school’s amazing cheerleading and March Past teams organised a flash mob dance called the Unity Dance which the crowd could also join, lifting the stadium atmosphere and creating an unforgettable event.
Many disciplines such as the Cheer Squad team, Deco team, Fund Raising team and others were created in each house to promote maximum student participation. About 80% of all our students took part and it was amazing to see this number increase yearly.
We would like to congratulate the Blue House for retaining their position as the champion for the Annual Sports 2019. Apart from celebrating the success of this event, our school also looks forward to the other sports events stacked up throughout the rest of the year!