Sri KDU Primary School’s 17th Annual Sports
Sri KDU Primary School celebrated its 17th Annual Sports with events that took place across February and March. The Annual Sports consisted of three different events: Swimming Finals, Track Finals and Standard Sports and the Closing Ceremony.
Throughout the different events, we have seen our students show their enthusiasm for sports. During the swimming finals, we’ve seen our young students rise to the surface as talented swimmers and take part in many different categories. We also saw our up-and-coming athletes give their all during their races, long jump and shot put events.
One of the highlights of this year’s Annual Sports would have to be the Parents’ Event where we had parents take part in races and represent their children’s houses. We’re sure they had such a blast trying their best to collect points for their children’s houses. 
We wrapped up the event with the closing ceremony and finale on the 2nd of March 2019. It was great to witness the high energy and spirits from our school community all whilst seeing our students develop the great traits that come with sports – sportsmanship, teamwork and drive. 
Here’s to the start of a great 2019!