Green Minds of Eco-Schools Programme Instilling Environmental Awareness in Students
Sri KDU Secondary School started the Green Minds of Eco-Schools Programme (ESP) from 2018. As an initiative towards “Making a change in the world through our actions, words and deeds”, the school organised and carried out four environmental projects:
  • The Recycling Project
  • Take What You Need, Pay As You Wish Project
  • The Can Project
  • Energy Saving Campaign
A presentation on the importance of the sustainability of these campaigns was shared by two of our students, Wan Muhammad Azlan Bin Wan Azman and Seth Ibrahim Yusuf. The campaigns were based on the notion of environmental alertness and to encourage students to take up an active role in creating a more sustainable environment for us and for our future generations.
Recycling Project
Every Friday, between 7:40am to 7:55am, students collected and brought waste papers to the Ramp Store.
Take What You Need, Pay As You Wish Project
Students provided books with a second life by donating their unused or secondhand books to the school for other students who are in need of it. Payments for the books are not mandatory but students can pay voluntarily.
The Can Project
Students were involved in the collection and recycling of aluminium can tabs for the production of prosthetics for the less fortunate.
Energy Saving Campaign
Students are also instilled with the knowledge and importance of reducing energy consumption on a daily basis. One of the methods suggested to decrease the usage of electricity is by shutting-down the air-conditioners and switching-off the lights and fans when they are not in use. Every Thursday and Friday, only one air-conditioner is permitted to operate from 7:30am to 9:00am. After 9:00am, both air-conditioners are only allowed to cruise at only medium level temperature. 
We would like to express our gratitude to all the students for taking the initiative in participating and being a part of the school’s green efforts. We hope the students would continue to bear this awareness and play their role in inspiring and encouraging others to be part of environmental sustainability.