Sri KDU Secondary School’s Scouts’ Installation
Sri KDU Secondary School’s Scouts Committee had their installation ceremony during the school’s assembly. The students from all classes gathered in the hall and witnessed this momentous ceremony. 
A short video presented on stage showcased the scouts’ collection of treasured photos from the 2018/2019 Scouts Committee Installation Ceremony up to those of the 2019/2020 Scouts Committee.
For the outgoing committee, every recipient’s recognition was punctuated by the scouts’ ‘Tepuk Pengakap’ to demonstrate appreciation for each of the committee member’s hard work and effort in the past year. Next, the members of the 2019/2020 Scouts Committee were announced and given the appropriate badges and letters, listed below: 
1. Ketua Pasukan Pengakap Sri KDU – Ho Ying 
2. Penolong Ketua Pasukan – Tan Jian Rong 
3. Setiausaha – Rahaditya Raisuli 
4. Ketua Patrol Hang Tuah – Misha Madinah 
5. Ketua Patrol Hang Jebat – Tan Jing En 
6. Ketua Patrol Hang Kasturi – Raveena Pannirselvam 
7. Penolong Ketua Patrol Hang Tuah – Ng Yi Zhi 
8. Penolong Patrol Hang Jebat – Yap Pei Qi 
9. Penolong Patrol Hang Kasturi– Nathania LiXuan 
10. Ketua Pasukan Pengakap Muda – Lim Wei Jun 
11. Penolong Ketua Pasukan Pengakap Muda – Wong Jun Sheng 
12. Ketua Patrol Helang – Rei Zhi Hao Cheong 
13. Ketua Patrol Tiong – Nor Adreanna 
14. Ketua Patrol Kenyalang – Joel John 
15. Ketua Patrol Rajawali – Hani Daleeya 
For the incoming committee, each of the new member’s recognition was punctuated by the scouts’ ‘Tepuk Semangat’ to celebrate their appointment and provide support to their upcoming duties in their term. Ho Ying, the new Troop Leader, lead the scouts in the recital of the Scouts’ Oath. The ceremony ended with symbols of appreciation being presented to the senior scout alumnus Mr Ryan Ng Zhen Cong and the visiting senior scout Mr Glen for their invaluable voluntary guidance towards our school’s scouts.