Interview with Mr & Mrs Ting – Parent of Sri KDU Primary School’s CEO’s Award Recipient
We are proud to announce Tze Young as the winner of Sri KDU Primary School’s 2019 CEO’s Award! 
Tze Young has demonstrated outstanding achievements in co-curricular activities, good academic grades and disciplinary records. On top of these, he has also shown strong involvement and contributions within the school, national and international communities.  
The school had the opportunity to interview his proud parents, Mr & Mrs Ting about his achievement. 
1. What were the factors that led you to decide on a private school offering the Malaysian National Curriculum for your child? Could you please share your experience on how you surveyed different schools, syllabi, etc. before deciding on Sekolah Sri KDU?
We always wanted to nurture Tze Young to grow independently through a holistic program. We were impressed by Sri KDU’s holistic educational programme making it a plus point to have our child to study here. We went for several schools’ Open Day, and we found that Sri KDU’s award-winning campus is well equipped with facilities which provide a safe environment for young kids.
2. Having been a Sri KDU parent for some time, what is your feedback on Sekolah Sri KDU in terms of:
a. Teaching & Curriculum
With the infusion of the interactive learning approach and curriculum, the students are able to develop good learning behaviour, talents and values through school activities such as sports days and annual concerts. The quality of the curriculum is something we look for. And we are highly satisfied with the teaching & curriculum here.
b. Learning environment 
The teachers here in Sekolah Sri KDU provide an interactive learning environment that foster resourcefulness. They will monitor and encourage the students to plan, strategise, prioritise, set goals, seek resources. By doing so, it is easier for teachers to monitor students’ progress and students will also learn to be in charge of their learning. 
c. Home-school communication
I strongly feel that the teachers are very dedicated to the home-school communication. Information on daily lessons is properly communicated to not only students but parents as well. This ensures parents will always be updated on their child’s progress.  
d. Teachers and school management 
Besides having interactive learning and best teaching approaches, the students are more than happy with the teachers. They are very helpful, friendly and reachable. As for the management, the school’s management is always on top of everything and is very helpful.   
3. Tze Young is currently in the intermediate level for Mandarin. How do you find his Mandarin and what are your thoughts on the Mandarin offered in Sekolah Sri KDU?
We believe that Tze Young would be able to do better if both, we as the parents and Tze Young himself would put more effort into it. Nevertheless, we are very grateful for the trilingual environment here at Sekolah Sri KDU by providing Mandarin as an additional compulsory language. This will provide an added advantage in the near future.
4. Tze Young is an active student in the school. How do you feel he has grown/developed over the years?
Tze Young is a very active child. He always wanted to do more. As the parent, we will always support him in all of his pursuits. Over the years, we have seen Tze Young develop and we are definitely satisfied with his academic, curriculum and character development at Sekolah Sri KDU.
5. What is Tze Young’s biggest achievement in sports that you are most proud of? 
There have been never-ending successes that he always brings home. In 2018, he had a strong involvement not only within the school but also at national and international levels. His achievement that I am certainly most proud of will definitely be when he was selected to FC Barcelona, Spain for an Overseas Training Programme. It’s a 10-day training by Astro Kasih Kem Bola. I am definitely proud to know that he was one of the 16 boys selected for this programme out of 2222 players from all over Malaysia & Singapore. 
6. How does Tze Young balance between his studies and his other activities such as football and being a prefect? 
To be honest, it’s great to have him involved with lots of activities as his daily routine. This will eventually prepare him to be responsible. To create the right balance, he has to be more focus during class and finishes all his worksheets in school so he can have more time for football training after school. 
The school would like to congratulate Tze Young once again for winning the CEO’s Award 2019 and may he excel in his UPSR examination!