Online Learning at Sekolah Sri KDU during MCO – Q&A

During this period of school closure, our students are using online/digital learning to ensure continuity in their lessons. 

Check out a quick Q&A on Online Learning that is being carried out at our Private National Schools (Primary & Secondary) during the Movement Control Order (MCO):

What main tools are being used by your teachers and students to facilitate eLearning?
We are using Google Classroom and Google Meet as the main tool to facilitate Teaching & Learning online. The teachers have various methods in conducting the lessons. These are through live sessions, pre-recorded lessons, interactive apps and many more. The teachers will be present all the time irrespective which method of instructions they use to conduct the lesson so they can guide the students accordingly. 
The online classes will follow the normal school timetable for the Secondary students. Meanwhile, for the younger kids in Primary, the students will only stay LIVE for half-day schooling (30 mins each lesson). As for the classwork, these will be uploaded on Google Classroom with its deadlines. Feedback from teachers will be uploaded accordingly as well. 
How do students continue to interact with each other during lessons?
As some lessons are done through LIVE teaching, this will offer students and teachers the same opportunity and environment as what they will have in class. Not just among students, our students and teachers have been interacting well via LIVE teaching. 
Other than that, the teachers will be having a chat-box launched in the Google Classroom. Here, the students would be able to discuss further with regards to the subjects they are learning. 
How long is your school prepared to keep this going? 
Sri KDU Private National Schools is well-prepared to conduct Online Learning throughout the MCO regardless of the duration.  
However, we still hope that the school can be opened as normal soon. As we believe that school is the best place to learn. 
How is the parents’ feedback on Online Learning? 
It is amazing how the school embraced online learning so well and has seen positive feedback coming in. 
Below are some testimonials from our existing parent on the online learning:
  • I would like to thank all the schoolteachers for a job well done on this first day of online classes. It has also been a test of our organisation at home, and there were inevitably teething problems. But despite these circumstances, I think what transpired today deserves a pat on the back. I am particularly keen to see that student & teacher do not let the pause in active school life affect their relationship and collective spirit in the classroom. The online system cannot replace the classroom in terms of learning, but it is important for the children's moral confidence that life goes on for them. Please convey my sincere gratitude to all the teachers involved. 
  • A BIG thank you to the teachers of Sri KDU secondary for carrying out the extra classes next week and remaining online for the students. Acknowledging that it was announced as extended school holidays, I sincerely appreciate the efforts by teachers in “keeping the school open” 
  • I support online learning so that the students can keep to a routine. Grateful that the teachers are also willing to continue to deliver the lessons despite the government announcement of an extended holiday. I believe this would be the first time online learning will be deployed fully. It’s a good time to start and explore the tool. Thank you, and stay healthy! 
This is a tough time for everyone now. It's challenging staying at home with the fear of the virus and unknown near future. But here at Sri KDU Private Schools, we are all doing more than the best to ensure the Teaching & Learning runs smoothly. 
To the students and families of Sri KDU, #stayhome #staysafe and most important, #stayhealthy!