Interview with the Eco-Hero of Sri KDU Secondary School, Joshua Lee
~Written by Roshni Sivanaesan, Secondary 4~
The Covid-19 pandemic situation has thrown the entire world into a state of panic and uncertainty. Despite all the brouhaha, one of Sri KDU Secondary School’s students, Joshua Lee (Secondary 5), has taken part in two major Eco events; The International Young Eco-Hero award challenge which is being held from January 2020 to Nov 2020 and the WWF Eco Champion award challenge, which was held from December 2019 to June 2020. In the aforementioned challenges, our brilliant student has won the notable Eco-Hero Award for Nature and the Hammerhead Award of Innovation for Eco. An interview was conducted with our school’s Eco-Hero to recognise his hard work in the preservation of nature and the environment. 
How was your experience in achieving both of these awards?
Well, of course, I feel very happy to receive the awards, especially during this time of the pandemic, where it’s not easy to contribute to society in terms of ecology. So, I do feel very proud. 
Can you briefly explain on the Hammerhead Award of Innovation for Eco and Notable Eco-Hero Award for Nature?
Both of these awards are given to youths who contribute tremendously to the restoration of the environment. The WWF awards are opened to participants from all over Malaysia, whereas the eco-hero award is opened to participants from all around the globe, and I am representing Malaysia. So, receiving this notable award is a pretty big deal. I am the first Malaysian to win the Eco-Hero Award in the whole of South-East Asia.
Through all the experiences you’ve had along the way and awards you have received, how do you feel it will help you in the future?
Well, both of these awards will help me in achieving my dream of preserving the environment. From the Hammerhead Award, I’ve received a fund of RM1000 to help me further spread my cause in the Green Wall Project. As for the Eco-Hero Award, I will be receiving a fund of USD500, to also further spread my cause in the other states of Malaysia.
As a member of The Eco-School Programme (TESP), how do you think TESP has grown in our school?
I’ve been in TESP for the past 5 years. I feel that the Sri KDU Secondary Eco-School Programme has taken small steps at the start and have become a big project now. When I was in the TESP in Secondary 2 back in 2017, we were just doing things like planting and other simple projects around the school compound. But as the years went by, we became more ambitious. We introduced the Green Wall Project in 2018, and in 2019 we expanded our projects to other schools as a part of a national competition. 
Lastly, as a winner of the two awards, what are your words of encouragement to others and what is the best way to spread awareness on preserving the environment?
Never give up, especially during times of hardship, and even though we are facing challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic, we can all still make small changes in our world.