2020 Hip Hop Dance Competition
This year, Sri KDU Primary School held its inaugural Hip Hop Dance Competition over two days. Despite the challenges faced due to physical distancing, the competition went off without a hitch.
Competitions provide a myriad of opportunities for students to demonstrate their talents as well as serve as a stepping-stone to achieving greater things in life. Competitions represent unconventional but effective ways of securing internships, scholarships, jobs and exposure to real-world issues. Many students often feel that it is difficult to express their talents in school. Exams and group assignments do not always capture their unique skills or accurately measure their ability to apply skills to real-world problems. 
In contrast, many student competitions are based on solving “real” cases and problems. Dancing in a general sense gives students many benefits in terms of health and fitness, discipline and social interaction. The competitive dance takes this to another level! One has to be extremely disciplined, focused and consistent. These are all values that will come in handy for school and work. Students develop an awesome work ethic while learning how to work as a team. Their techniques will become very clean, strong and amazing to watch. The strength they get from amplified training too will be great for their overall health.
The Head Judge for the competition was Mr Sazlan Mat Adnan. He is a choreographer and the current President of the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Dancers Association or PENTARI. Mr Sazlan is a very familiar name in the Malaysian dance world. With almost 30 years of experience in the industry, his expertise and abilities are highly valued by the community. His co-judge was Mr Mohd Az-Zahir or Jair. He is the General Manager of PSYCUSIX which is the Modern Circus Art group & the founder of Plan B Dance Crew. Last but not least was Ms Isha Norsham, the second co-judge. She is a TV Host & Content Creator for Astro Gempak and also a Video Content Creator for Tiktok.
The first day of the competition saw four solo dancers and four teams respectively. It was truly amazing to see how these talented students were in sync with their music, grooving to the beats. The results for the first day are as follows:
Upper Primary
Solo Category
Champion  Bennett Soo
1st Runner-up  May Yi
2nd Runner-up  Nur Syaza Qistina
3rd Runner-up  Tallulah Belle
Group Category
Champion  Nur Syaza Qistina, Zi Xuan
1st Runner-up  Eliza Oznur, May Yi, Yi Rou
2nd Runner-up  Sin Yen, Arianna Yeong, Mavis Lim
3rd Runner-up  Vui Qi, Zi Ann, Inesa Naia


For the second day, contestants from Primary 1-3 truly took captured the judges’ hearts with their slick moves. Mr Sazlan commented that the contestants had to love what they set out to do – that being said, when you have a passion for dance, it translates into something beautiful. The results from the second day are as follows:
Lower Primary
Solo Category
Champion  Rayshen
1st Runner-up  Eva Low
2nd Runner-up  Bianca Soo
3rd Runner-up  Sarah Saffanah
4th Runner-up  Zoe Yee
Group Category
Champion  Hailey, Annabelle Lee, Kaitlyn Wee
1st Runner-up  Iman, Rania Iman Qalisha. Jia Wen, Iris Yii
2nd Runner-up  Xiao Lin, Yu Hao, Hamza Emeril, Aditya Ray


It is our greatest hope that this dance competition is just the beginning of more good things to come. It is proof that even in unprecedented times, the students or Sri KDU Primary School continue to shine bright and are ever resilient.