Interview with Ryan Kua – Sri KDU’s Maths Expert


2020 will forever be known as the year that has challenged us all. While we’re excited to close the chapter on 2020 and head into 2021, we managed to catch our Sri KDU’s Maths Expert from Sri KDU Primary School. Despite the challenges we faced in 2020, Ryan stood up with excellent Maths achievements as below:
1. Organiser: Sunway University
  • 2020 Alpha Mathematics Competition Organised by School of Mathematical Sciences – Individual Category – GOLD
  • 2020 Alpha Mathematics Competition Organised by School of Mathematical Sciences – Team Category – SILVER
  • Fun Mathematics Camp 2020 – Team Category – SILVER
2. Organiser: SMO Education Group
  • Hong Kong International Mathematical Olympiad Final 2020 
  • Heat Run – GOLD Award
  • Final – GOLD Award (only those Gold & Silver award from Heat Run could proceed to Final)
  • Global Ranking No. 13
  • Malaysia Rank No.  3
3. Singapore & Asian Schools Maths Olympiad (held in SKDU)
  • 93 students in Sri KDU participated, Global 15570 participants from 19 countries - P6  Category  
  • Global Ranking No. 7
  • Malaysia Rank No. 1
4. International Mathematical Olympiad National Selection
  • Silver Award
We managed to catch Ryan to discover his views and interests. Check out below!
Tell us about yourself
My name is Ryan. I am 12 years old. I like to read and watch documentaries. I like outdoors activities too.
How long have you been with Sri KDU? 
I have been with Sri KDU since Primary 1 (2015).
Do you like studying in Sri KDU and why? 
Yes. Sri KDU is a melting pot with students from various backgrounds. Sri KDU also provides numerous platforms for various students to excel.
Who is your favourite teacher in Sri KDU and why? 
I have many favourite teachers throughout my years with the school. The teachers in Sri KDU are generally very encouraging, approachable and helpful.
Why do you like Mathematics?
Mathematics help to sharpen and develop my reasoning and problem-solving skills. I have an inquisitive mind and the desire to learn new things. It is very challenging and rewarding in solving difficult questions.
Who inspired you to like Mathematics?
No one in particular. My first participation in WMO was an enriching experience. The 12th WMO World Cup was a grand learning and exchange platform for youth around the world. Each country was limited to a team of 12 representatives. On top of an individual paper, the teams competed in innovative mathematical games.  
Which achievement to date are you most proud of and why?
Every competition is different and I am proud of all of them. 2020 has been great for me.
The Gold in HKIMO Final earned me a ticket to WIMO 2020.  It was a dream come true to be top in Malaysia in both the Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad Competition (SASMO) and International Singapore Maths Competition (ISMC).  Lastly, I have been shortlisted to join Bengkel IMO 2021. I am very pleased to discover the possibilities that I can achieve.
Does learning Mathematics in Sri KDU under the Singapore/Cambridge Curriculum made a big difference or in any way contributed to the competition that you have participated in?
As a head start, yes, and teachers are very helpful with my queries too. Beyond that, it involves a lot of reading, practice and self-learning.
What are your other favourite subjects in Sri KDU and why?
Science.  It stimulates curiosity in finding out why things happen in a certain manner. I like hands-on lab experiments. 
How do you prepare for each of the competition?
It is important to understand the format and requirements of every competition. Sufficient sleep, exercise and nutrition help too.
How do you feel competing with among the best in Mathematics?
I feel grateful to be enriched with the experience of having competed with worthy opponents.  
What is your advice for another person who wishes to be just like you?
Taking part in competitions is not all about winning but learning how to overcome constraints and roadblocks.
We here at Sri KDU would like to congratulate Ryan for his excellent achievements throughout 2020 and wishing him all the best for his Secondary School journey!