6 Golds at the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition!
The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition is the world’s largest creative writing programme for Under-18's, inviting entries from all 54 nations of the Commonwealth. This year, Sri KDU Secondary School students have made their voices heard on the thought-provoking theme of Climate Change & the Commonwealth. Collectively, they have achieved 6 Gold, 10 Silver and 24 Bronze Awards for excellent entries. We heartily congratulate all our award recipients and hope this achievement will spark more interest in reading and writing amongst students! 
List of the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition 2020 Award Recipients
Chok Huey Yan Secondary 5 
Jansen Hor Wei Chen  Secondary 5  
Goh Wei Jun Secondary 4
Amirah Hannah Binti Farid  Secondary 4
Wang Caitlin Secondary 4
Tara Fukagawa  Secondary 2
Audrey Yap Yin Way    Secondary 5     
Misha Madinah Binti Salehuddin Secondary 5  
Lim Jun-Eu Secondary 5  
Joshua Lee Chee Kin Secondary 5  
Low Yeu-Chern Secondary 5  
Siddharth Kumaran A/L Sunder Secondary 5  
Bryan Phuah Wei Zheng Secondary 5  
Wong Yen Qi Secondary 5  
How Ru Shan Secondary 4  
Ryan Cheam Xiang Zhi Secondary 4  



See Jing Han         Secondary 5          
Thin Qi Hom Secondary 5  
Khalif Ikmal Sopiee Bin Amirul Arifin Sopiee Secondary 5  
Lee Jia Yi Secondary 5  
Rebecca Chan Teng Yee Secondary 5  
Yap Wing Joo Secondary 5  
Rahaditya Raisuli Secondary 5  
Joyce Lim Fay Kuen Secondary 5  
Tee Yu Qie Secondary 5  
Marc Eng Rui Xian Secondary 5  
Sherlyn Lim Secondary 5  
Loo Yuen Pei Varipin Virochpokha Secondary 5  
Tang Yng Huey Secondary 5  
Wong Yen Qi Secondary 5  
Annika Lai May Xian Secondary 5  
Kwek Xian Long Secondary 5  
Ong Siew Fong Secondary 5  
Abdul Karim Bin Mohd Nadziruddin Secondary 4  
Naamjas Singh Vagel Secondary 4  
Chew Ee Koon Secondary 4  
Erwin Lim Jing Xuen Secondary 4  
Gwendalyn Huang Yi Yue Secondary 4  
Oh Yu Xin Secondary 4  
Lim Tze Zen Secondary 4