Sri KDU Schools Closure: 13th to 26th January 2021

Dear Parents / Guardians, 
As announced by the Prime Minister on 11 January 2021, MCO will be imposed in Selangor and 5 other states starting from Wednesday, 13 January 2021 to Tuesday, 26 January 2021. 
Sri KDU International School 
Sri KDU International School will continue to be closed for physical lessons until Tuesday, 26 January, inclusive.  
All classes will be conducted online according to the Remote Learning guidelines already issued by SKISS and SKIPS.  For any queries about the online learning, please contact the relevant academic staff.  
Please follow the normal procedures for online attendance and inform the class teacher (SKIPS) and the Form Tutor (SKISS) if for any reason your child(ren) cannot attend online lessons.  
A separate communication will be sent about Mock Examinations by Mrs Baxter for IBDP and IGCSE students.  
Sri KDU Primary & Secondary School 
Semester 1 will commence on Wednesday, 20 January 2021 with online learning throughout the MCO period. 
Announcements and instructions will be emailed by the school, homeroom and subject teachers in the next few days to update parents on how the new academic year will commence. More importantly, please read how lessons will be conducted online following the set timetable for each class. Online classes will be conducted until further notice. 
Orientation Day for the new students will now be held as planned on 16 January 2021, using an online platform.  
Primary School parents will be updated on 13 January 2021 via a separate email.  
A separate email with further details will be sent to Secondary School parents by 15 January 2021. 
For SPM 2020 and SPM 2021 students, we are waiting for further details from the MoE and will update you once we receive further clarification. 
We hope that this MCO will flatten the curve and enable us to get back to school on Wednesday, 27 January. As the Prime Minister said in his announcement the next two weeks are crucial and everyone needs to play their part by following the instructions and SOPs assiduously. We pray that this will prevent families from being separated or suffering loss.  
Let’s pray that our school community continues to stay safe and well.  
Thank you. 
The Management  
Sri KDU Schools