Artistic Gymnastics

Artistic Gymnastic

Helena Low Weng Yan (9 Delta) took part in the GIM Sports Friendship Meet 2016 gymnastic competition organized by the GIM Sport Singapore early this week with participating gymnasts from clubs in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. She represented Total Gymnastics Club of Malaysia in the Women’s Artistic Gymnastic Level 5 (open age category) and achieved these results:

· 5th place for Floor Exercise;

· 1st place for Vault.

Her total scores for all the events put her in third place. 

She is now participating in the PELAPIS Siri 3 Hexathlon competition in Malacca which is being held during 30th November - 2nd December and comprises six events - high jump, long jump, shot put, 100 metres, 100 metres hurdles and 800 metres.

Congratulations Helena, we wish you well in your endeavours.